How Wellness Coaching can Help You

“If you have faith in yourself, arrange your priorities and get support with goals, you can change your life and will accomplish everything you desire.”
Lynell Ross, Wellness Coach

Whister Vista

Wellness Coaching will help you identify the motivation and confidence you need to make positive changes in your health. Wellness Coaching is based on establishing a trusted relationship that will help you identify your values and desires to create lasting change. As your coach I will partner with you to focus on your strengths, knock down barriers, and eliminate your feeling overwhelmed to create your healthy life.

What is wellness coaching

If you identify with any of the following challenges, then working with a Wellness Coach may help you.

  • Tired of struggling with your weight
  • Have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Concerned about your heart health
  • Feel stressed out, overwhelmed and drained
  • Your health and self care are not on your to do list
  • You are not physically fit but would like to be
  • You are frustrated, out of control or lost

How Wellness Coaching works and what you can expect:

  • One-on-one coaching via weekly telephone sessions
  • Comprehensive tracking of your health numbers and goals
  • Weekly e-mails between phone sessions to answer all your questions and provide you with the support you need
  • A holistic approach to your health to address all areas of your life, not just the physical. We focus on mind, body and spirit.
  • A compassionate, empathetic, safe and non-judgmental partner. We work in a positive environment where being kind creates change.
  • Follow up after completion of our time together helping you to maintain your healthy lifestyle.
  • Most coaching programs achieve the greatest results from an initial three month program. After that time, we can determine your needs.

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I specialize in healthy weight loss, diabetes prevention, heart disease prevention and fitness for health. I do not believe in diets, instead I work with you to make healthy changes that fit within your daily routine. I believe in creating healthy habits that are most enjoyable to you.