Exercise & Fitness Tips

DSC_1583 My philosophy on fitness is simple. You must want to be physically fit to create lasting change. Part of having the desire to be fit lies in understanding the benefits. Once you have the knowledge and desire, you must find some activity, hobby or exercise plan that you enjoy. If you don’t love it, or at least like it, you won’t do it. I have found an “easy does it” approach to exercise. Start slow, go at your own pace so you can connect your head to your body. I want you to understand what your muscles are doing and why. For example, knowing that having a strong core will prevent you from getting back pain is a very good incentive to build strong muscles, in addition to having a trim waist.


As a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise, I can help you create an exercise plan that works for you. Let’s put the fun back in exercise and find something that you will enjoy!


For more information on working with Lynell Ross as a Wellness Coach or Certified Personal Trainer, please e-mail lynell@lynellross.com or call 530-863-8149.